List of Palaces in Goa

Out of the many things that you can do in the hippiest, happiest Union Territory of India, is checking out vintage  architecture. Visiting these palaces in Goa can bring out a whole new experience or well, atleast help you beat the hangover.

Here’s a list of all the palaces in Goa.

  1. Adilshah’s Palace (the old Secretariat) in Panaji,
  2. Archbishop’s Palace at Altinho, Panaji,
  3. Solar Souto Maior at Baiguinim,
  4. Sao Pedro near Old Goa,
  5. Old Archbishop’s Palace at Old Goa,
  6. Jivbadada Kerkar Palace in Keri-Pednem,
  7. Deao Palace in Quepem,
  8. Deshprabhu Palace in Pednem,
  9. Soundekar’s palace at Nagueshi Bandoda,
  10. Soundekar’s underground palace at Gouli-Moula on the Kadamba plateau,
  11. Conde de Mayem Palace at Mayem,
  12. Palace of the inquisition in Old Goa,
  13. Site and wall of the Adilshah and viceroy palace in Old Goa,
  14. Palace of the Conde de Ribandar,
  15. Viceroy’s palace at Panelim,
  16. Maquinezes Palace in Panaji,
  17. Arabo-Desai Palace at Arabo-Pednem


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