Sreesailam Pasupula: Photographing Undescriptive Emotions

A photographer who survives on undescriptive emotions captured from his travel, Sreesailam Pasupula talks about his journey so far.

Once you look at Sree’s photographs, you’d be carrying a heart so warm that you’d be left with no choice but to pack your bags and take off. Travelling across India, Sreesailam Pasupula captures moments that will leave your mind twitching with many thoughts.

First trip to Kerala Year 2000
On his first trip to Kerala

Sree started his career in photography by attending a course by Konica in Chennai. This course turned out to be about photographic lab management more than photography itself, leaving him a tad bit unsatisfied. In the final semester of the lab management course, he travelled to Munnar, Kerala and marked the beginning of his photographic journey. He further explored photography on his own and after running a pro-photo studio for 5 years in Hyderabad, he landed in Mumbai to feed his passion for photography.


His first true inspiration which moved Sree to take up photography was legendary cinematographer P.C. Sreeram’s work in the Telugu film Geethanjali. Through the journey of ups and downs and after a long wait for seven years, Sree finally saw a glimpse of success when he received an overwhelming response for his exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai. Carrying this motivation ahead, he has planed exhibitions in Hyderabad and Chennai this year.


Apart from the awards and adoration he has received through photography, his best stories are about extensive travelling. He travels throughout the year to capture major festivals all over India. When asked about his favorite travel destination, he says, “India is a vast country. I have been fortunate enough to travel across the country for the past six years and have only covered less than one percent of it. My favourite destination is the whole of North East India. It’s truly beautiful.”


He photographs almost everything that tells a story and relates to the buzz in the media. His photographs carry a strong sense of emotion and a disparate perspective towards global events. Talking further about his nature of work, he mentions, “I cannot describe a photograph. A description puts limitations to the imagination and emotions of a viewer.


He follows a simple mantra for success and asks aspiring photographers to follow the same.

You should always seek your own dream… do not listen to others about your dream… just do it…. be gracious to others, but do your own thing.

Have authorship to your photography. Don’t shoot what it looks like, shoot what it feels like.

– David Alan Harvey

He is hardly in front of the camera!

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