Why Every Traveller Should Live in Bangalore Once in Life

9 things I discovered after living in Bangalore for 6 months as a travel writer.

Bangalore is a perpetual supplier of weekend getaways! Every traveller in Bangalore has unlimited supply of weekend getaways. You can leave every Saturday morning and discover magical places that will make a mark in your memory for the lifetime. This is why Bangalore is awesome! You can kick-start your motorcycle and accelerate in any direction from this city and find something unique and gorgeous every single time. You can take a bus on any highway connected to Bangalore to experience something novel any given day. I figured out a few reasons in six months of staying in this ultra-modern city.

Loads of Unique Weekend Getaways

There are sh*t loads of weekend getaways near Bangalore. I’ve lived here for six months with a Monday to Friday job, travelled every weekend and I still haven’t explored most commonly known places. That’s 28 weekends and 28 weekend getaways and it’s not enough! Isn’t that self explanatory?

Commuting within the city is painful, but connectivity to destinations is good

You can either drive down to these roads or use public transport. For an instance, there are more than 25 trains going from Bangalore to Mysore daily. Take the most arduous trek in South India – Kumara Parvata for an instance. There’s a direct bus that takes you right upto the base village.

People are not intruding 

Actually, people here don’t give a f*ck. Do your thing but don’t be loud after 9 pm. People sleep early here. I still wonder why though.

The weather

Bangalore is too cool, literally. Find yourself something warm as soon you land here. If you’ve lived in the hot parts of the world, you would fall in love with the weather of this city. If you’ve lived in the colder regions, this city won’t disappoint you either.

It’s not difficult to make money to support your travel in the IT capital of India

With hordes of startups being funded every other day, there is a good number of job opportunities here for skilled labour. Unless, you want to make money by playing poker. 😉

You are exposed to all sorts of people from south India

You learn to distinguish between the different states and tastes of south India. Kerala’s beaches and sea food cannot be compared to Tamil Nadu’s coffee and dosa. And so cannot be Andhra Pradesh’s hospitality to Karnataka’s diversity.

There’s a strong community for every interest

For an instance, are you a cycling enthusiast? There are quite a few cycling clubs in this city. Just like there are trekking troops, art groups and wine tasters.

Bangalore holds rich historic stories and the cultural evolution is surprising

If you don’t have big plans to travel around Bangalore, you can roam around the city and look at the Bangalore fort, which was the central part of Bangalore during the 1800s.

Lifestyle is pretty chilled out

Although the pubs and clubs would shut down by 11 ‘o clock in the evening, there’s a horde of things you can do in this city. Life in Bangalore if you ask me? Themed cafes, book reading clubs and a lot of new people from all across India to talk to! You wouldn’t be weirded out. People here are open-minded and they’d only be happy to see something different. Ultimately, Bangalore is a perfect gateway to tons of novel experiences. This city is a mine of stories and storytellers!

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